GLOBAL ECOKIDS applies teaching methods appropriate to the children’s brain development at golden ages, based on research from Harvard University. Our program focuses on experimental, student-centered, and tailor-made activities that factor in a child’s physiological characteristics, age, and personality. Revolving development areas include:
• Language
• Discovery
• Physical Development
• EQ
• Art
We are committed to creating a solid foundation of confidence and self-reliance for maturity and development. 

Our program will positively impact the children’s first impressions of what education should be and prepare them to be the next generation in the 21st century.



  •  LANGUAGE: The golden stage of a child’s language is 0-6 years old. Children can acquire language extremely quickly and effectively. Therefore, in the Global Ecokids-CIRCLE program, language is built and developed with a variety of content and creativity. Through Circle Time, Show and Tell (creative storytelling with pictures), familiarity with letters, reading poems, folk songs, drama, and MC Kids, children not only develop coherent language with rich vocabulary but also have access to the second language in a natural way that is specific to their age and unique characteristics.
  • DISCOVERY: Young children always ask the question “Why? Why?”. This is because every child has countless questions that need to be answered and solved. Through practical experience activities in the ECO program at GLOBAL ECOKIDS, children are immersed in a world of fun science, math, and many exciting experiments that help them seek the answers themselves to develop a scientific mind.
  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Between 0 and 6 years of age is also a great stage for the comprehensive physical development of young children. In addition to the Japanese Nutrition Program, ECO Physical Education also focuses on young individuals with creative activities including basic motor development, fine motor development, personal care skills, and defense skills. Children not only develop physically but also develop self-service skills that increase confidence, independence, and creativity. 
  • ART: Children’s imagination and creativity are wonderful things. Activities at Global Ecokids utilize the potential for music, art, and artistic expression in each child. Children can immerse themselves into a diverse natural space full of musical expressions, sound, and melodies. Art brings children to immerse themselves in nature, flowers, and trees. These createive opportuntieis help them transform into true artists.
  • EMOTIONS: Science shows that people with high EQ are often successful in life. Each child is a separate individual with different emotions. Glogal Ecokids has developed a series of educational activities that give children a safe and healthy emotional environment. Children love their families and gradually transform their lives with nature, beauty, and commitment to society. The positive emotions that Global Ecokids bring to children are firm steps to help them succeed in the future life. 


The program is designed for the entire time children attend preschool and include at least 7 learning activities per week.

Each learning activity is meticulously designed with specific goals and requirements each month, with daily personal development goals for each child.