Global Ecokids International Kindergarten System is proud to have a team of highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, dynamic and especially loving teachers. With the goal of becoming the child’s second family, Global Ecokids International Kindergarten System does not continuously improve the quality of teaching, creating opportunities to encourage teachers to improve their pedagogical skills as well as professional qualifications.
Class teachers not only apply new, student-centered methods, but moreover, they are also mothers, who enthusiastically help and arouse children’s passion and excitement to explore the framework. knowledge discovery scene.
• Each teacher is highly trained and specialized in pedagogy, has professional knowledge and teaching practice with dedication and enthusiasm.
• The teacher graduated with a degree in preschool from a pedagogical school.
• Teachers have more than 3 years of experience, support teachers have at least 1-2 years of experience.
• The teachers are trained in preschool teacher standards, professional standards, communication skills, pedagogical behavior, etc. before teaching.
• Teachers are allowed to attend regular time twice a month and attend irregular hours.